INNOTECH Innovation Park Ltd. is the technology transfer company of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) (, 62% owned by BME, 38% owned by the municipality of the 11th district of Budapest ( The main objective of the company is the promotion of technological development using first of all the intellectual base at the BME.

INNOTECH deals with the development and application of all technologies that are available at the intellectual base of the BME. These technologies are described in detail at the University's website (

The nominal capital of the Ltd. is HUF 97.5 million, the increase of its income in function of time is shown in the figure below.

    Activities of INNOTECH Ltd.:
  • Operates an innovation park within its own premises (9000 m2) with all the services of a typical business incubator. This innovation park functions also as a technology centre with the appropriate services.

  • It developed a structural model of a park functioning as a virtual business incubator. INNOTECH provides incubation services for professionals working at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

  • Based on its 20 years experience, INNOTECH contributes to the development of enterprises and regional economy and supports with knowledge and services the creation of industrial parks, technology centres, business incubators and the their networks.
  • INNOTECH Ltd.:

  • Can be considered a traditional innovation park, since it provides the usual park services to its partners within its premises.

  • It functions as a typical technology transfer company, since its main activity is the exploitation of the R & D results obtained at the University.

  • INNOTECH markets the R & D capacities of the university researchers, thus they do not have to found new companies for their business activities, but they can use INNOTECH Ltd. as their own company.

  • INNOTECH can exploit its experiences obtained in the field of regional development and SME support by providing services in these fields.

The operation of the above model is depicted in the next figure

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